UAE, Dubai: Rubber World Industry has participated in the “The Big 5” – International Budling and Construction Show at Dubai World Trade Centre. The event took place from 5th till 8th December at A219 in Arena Hall.

Rubber World Industry is a pioneering national company of the United Arab Emirates and a market leader throughout the Middle East. The Ajman region is home to our manufacturing facility. Right now, we provide 56% of the region’s needs for rubber insulation and a wide variety of HVAC & R goods. The firm has achieved exceptional multi-million-dollar sales and global success thanks to exports to America, Africa, Far East Asia, and Europe.

The Gulf-O-Flex, Rubber World Industry’s flagship brand for flexible foam insulation, reinforces the company’s position as the industry pioneer for designed foams. Gulf-O-Flex products, which come in tubes and sheet forms, are dust-free, fiber free, CFC-free, and have an ODP of zero for environmentally friendly products. They are closed-cell elastomeric rubber insulation which is also formaldehyde free, with low VOCs, and high resistance to mold and mildew.

It has always been the focus of Rubber World Industry to help in promoting a greener world, which is why Gulf-O-Flex products are designed to adhere to Green Building Regulations.

The business has been in function for more than 20 years. Rubber World Industry ensures that all of its specialties, including insulated and uninsulated flexible ducts, HVAC/R glues and tapes, rubber closed cell elastomeric insulation sheet rolls, rubber closed cell elastomeric insulation sheets, and rubber closed cell elastomeric insulation tubes and coils, comply with the Green Building Regulations that are put into place in nations like the United Arab Emirates.

The accomplishments of the business in the insulation sector on a global scale are something of which Mr. Rizwan Shaikhani, Chairman and Managing Director of Rubber World Industry, is more than proud. “From our humble beginnings we have reached to the top rung only because of our hard work,” he remarked.

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