Easy meals with Jongga Kimchi as product launches on noon.com!

Verna Muerong

Since I moved to Dubai, I have grown to love spicy food and recently discovered the joys of kimchi, especially as it comes ready to eat with almost no prep time.

My friends tell me that Jongga has the best of Korean food products and that it is now available at the Korean Food Pavilion on noon.com. Fans of Korean food can buy Korean Food on noon.com such as Kimbab, TteokBokki and Cheeseball and now, Kimchi from Jongga is newly launched on noon.com for those who want quality kimchi delivered to their doorstep.

Since Jongga is the most famous and premium Kimchi brand from South Korea, it provides the most authentic taste of Kimchi. I got a bottle and a small packet of this and since i was not too hungry, prepared my meal as a salad. I would normally eat it with rice.

If you are trying kimchi for the first time and need ideas, there is a QR code you can scan that sends you a site with ideas on preparing meals with kimchi.

Kimchi is known as a healthy dish eaten by many for the prevention of many diseases. Jongga Kimchi is available on noon.com now and get the best price!


Link: Korean Food Pavilion on noon.com


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