Plan an all-girls trip to the Maldives for a refreshing break with bespoke wellness offerings at the ELENA Spa

Go on your most memorable trip to the By Atmosphere and Colours of OBLU resorts in the Maldives with your girlfriends this summer for a fun-filled well-being journey.

Health and Wellness is an integral part of the overall experience at By Atmosphere and Colours of OBLU resorts, and the ELENA spa elevates the experience by multiple folds through relaxing and invigorating treatments that go beyond the traditional spa rituals.

Part of three Atmosphere resorts – the OBLU NATURE Helengeli, OBLU SELECT Sangeli, and VARU By Atmosphere, the ELENA Spa creates a natural sanctuary where you can ease your muscles, relax, and balance body and soul. The highly targeted and personalised journey includes spa rituals, fitness routines, and meditation practices with advice on nutrition during the stay.

While you enjoy the dozens of other activities at the resorts with your besties, you will have ample time to unwind and relax at the spa, away from the daily buzz of city life.

ELENA, an acronym for the Elements of Nature, finds inspiration in the elemental energies (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) that flow within and around. The masseurs blend local healing traditions with cutting-edge international spa and wellness practices. Its therapies will nourish and rejuvenate you, helping you find an inner balance and peaceful energy that lasts much beyond the spa experience.

ELENA comes with a fully air-conditioning gymnasium. Offering a range of wellness and fitness activities from morning yoga to aqua aerobic etc. It also features single-use Steam Sauna pod, changing area with lockers, saltwater infinity pool with outdoor shower and relaxation loungers to enjoy breath-taking views of the pristine Indian Ocean.

The spa features six beautifully designed treatment rooms with glass bottom floors to enjoy the marine view while the therapists focus on renewing nature’s energy through the use of holistic therapies and treatments.

There are some not to miss signature massages offered by the resort – the Veli Bon’Dli Maldivian Sand Bundle Massage is a 75-minute native age-old healing practice of the Maldives that reduces inflammation and body pain. Another popular treatment is the Bileh Holistic Betel Leaf Massage. This is also a 75-minute massage where you can discover the elixir of Maldivian traditional medicine, revered for its ability to relieve tired muscles and boost post-workout recovery. Besides these, the Kaashi Naashi Therapy Coconut Shell Massage is another powerful Maldivian therapy that uses natural coconut shells and locally made products to massage. It is a unique treatment, which will help you to release your tension, reduce muscular pain and also lasts for 75 minutes.

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