• Goodyear launches Eagle Sport 2
  • New technology improves dry handling, wet performance and rolling resistance
  • Offers consumers, long life, fuel efficiency and high comfort

Goodyear has launched a new generation of its Eagle Sport, strengthening its portfolio in the summer high-performance segment. With a new tire design and new technology to enhance dry handling, wet performance, and rolling resistance, the Goodyear Eagle Sport 2 is a new generation of a proven winner.

The Eagle Sport 2 features innovation which builds on its predecessor. 

– Dry Stability Plus Technology1. A continuous center rib and tread bridges provide a stiffer tread pattern that delivers improved dry handling.

– Wet Braking Technology2. A new compound facilitates the deformation of the tire during the wet braking maneuver resulting in higher braking efficiency, thus shortening the braking distance. Goodyear tested 9% better in wet braking versus its predecessor.

– Rolling Resistant Pro Technology3 – An improved tire structure leads to less heat generation that results in a better rolling resistance (also visible on the labels)

These key innovations result in a tire simultaneously designed to reassure drivers with its wet braking and handling abilities. The Eagle Sport 2 provides new technology based on consumer needs, addressing the top three criteria looked for when purchasing tires: durability, excellent comfort, and performance.

Goodyear General Manager, MEA, Khaled Arafa: “The Goodyear Eagle Sport is one of our bestselling all-season tires, delivering excellent handling and performance with a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. The Eagle Sport 2 is the next generation of this proven winner and offers great value for money.”

The Eagle Sport 2 is designed to suit a wide range of cars and is available now/from xxx (change by cluster) in 11 sizes from 14 to 16-inch fitments. The Eagle Sport 2 complements the Eagle Sport TZ and Eagle Sport TZ SUV and completes the product portfolio.

*1, 2, 3, refer image xx (Dry Stability Plus image and logo/Wet braking/Rolling Resistance etc)

4 Source: IPSOS Shopper Research 2018/2020

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