Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel hosts Iftar for the children with special needs from SNF

The Dubai based hotel continues its innovative CSR initiatives in collaboration with the Special Needs Future Development Center

As a part of the successful CSR initiative, Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel embraced the spirit of Ramadan by hosting a special two-day exclusive Iftar for the students and their families from the Special Needs Future Development Center on the 18th and 19th of April at their restaurant, TIMO. The Iftar gathering was hosted for young adults above the age of fourteen with special needs who are being aided by SNF to become self-sufficient, personally and professionally.

The exclusive Iftar saw a presence of around 20 students who indulged themselves in the delicious spread and enjoyed the Iftar experience with their families and tutors of SNF. SNF’s endeavour in empowering young adults with special needs was truly reflected in the overall conduct of the students who attended the Iftar.

Haytham Omar, General Manager, said: “It is heart-warming to see the smile on the faces of inspiring children, who are full of energy and optimism. We aim to organise similar activities like this in the future to be able to give back to the society and help the less privileged.”

Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel is committed to conducting CSR in a way that has a positive impact on the communities within their developments and the wider community in Dubai. The hotel commits itself to engaging the community through child welfare and education and believes in the development of the future of children.

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