Five Chefs, Five Exclusive Creations and One Award Winning Chocolate – Wholefruit Evocao By Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry WHOLEFRUIT chocolate has been officially launched in the Middle East! Unveiling a pure expression of the cacaofruit, the new WHOLEFRUIT Evocao™ is a chocolate providing chefs with the true essence of what Nature intended.

Much more than an innovation, WHOLEFRUIT is a revolution. Its creation and global availability are the results of a committed partnership between Cacao Barry teams and some of the best chefs in the world, on the way to rethink the chocolate as a whole and to consider the “cacao” as what it actually is: a fruit! 

This new type of chocolate, WHOLEFRUIT, is the very first Cacao Barry couverture chocolate made from 100% pure cacaofruit. It’s sustainably sourced and carries a short, clean label: no refined sugars, no lecithin, no vanilla. This unique identity gives it an unparalleled aromatic profile that unlocks many new flavour possibilities to explore.

An Experience Elevated by A Unique Flavor Profile and Expert Techniques

Five renowned regional chefs celebrated the Middle East debut of the fresh, fruity WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate by showcasing their artistic creations and innovative techniques using Cacao Barry’s WHOLEFRUIT Evocao™, the first signature expression under the WHOLEFRUIT product suite.

Each chef put their best foot forward and turned the spotlight on the region’s budding talent and endeavor to create delicious, tantalizing treats for customers.

Abel Vieilleville, Cluster Pasty Chef at the Address Skyview Hotel

“The inspiration came primarily from the chocolate itself. The unique taste that combines strength and character and the fact that no sugar was added gave me the idea to bind something round in taste such as a silky almond paste into the confection. I used bergamot tea as an infusion for a chocolate crème brulee which will be the main creamy texture, and a touch of orange blossom for the local influence.”

Charles Azar, Master Consultant Chef at Charles Azar Consultancy Services

“Fancy a journey of intense tangs between the Dominican Republic and Lebanese Shores? Encounter with me a festival of tropical fruits, along fine Cocoa flavors and come onboard with my Evocao™Citrus Sorbet.

Dilip Kumara,  Assistant Pastry Chef – FIVE Hotels and Resorts

“To align with the innovative philosophy of the WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate, I created an Evocao™ chocolate mousse with a combination of mango basil to enhance the sweetness along with crispy savory cookies for that perfect crunch.”

Romain Castet,  Executive Pastry Chef at Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk

“Our main goal was not to create a combination of tastes but to find an ingredient that would enhance and emphasize the beauty of the Evocao™ chocolate.”

Romain Cornu, Corporate pastry chef – Hakkasan Group

“This dessert was inspired by the nature and flower of the cacao bean using the best ingredients our planet can offer. Clean and 100% cacao fruit was the perfect pairing for my dessert.”

An instant hit in the fraternity, the WHOLEFRUIT Evocao™ recently bagged the World Food Innovation Award for ‘Best Artisan Product’ for its strong proposition. Running in the eighth edition, the World Food Innovation Awards gives a fine representation of what the future beholds for food innovation, revolutionary technologies, and health-conscious consumers.

For more information on WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate, visit

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