Michelin and Central Motors & Equipment LLC (CM&E) in partnership with Abu Dhabi Police conducts tyre safety camp ON Al Ain Truck road, ABU DHABI

Michelin is in association with its distribution partner in Abu Dhabi, Central Motors & Equipment LLC (CM&E) and Abu Dhabi Police organised a day-long road safety awareness camp on Al Ain Truck Road. The safety campaign was organised to raise awareness about basic road and tyre safety with heavy commercial vehicle drivers.

Naser Shashaa, Commercial Director, Middle East and North Africa cluster said: “Michelin is fully committed to road accident prevention efforts. The Group with its international partnerships with the UN and other multilateral organisations has devoted significant efforts to road security recognition and education campaigns globally. We are glad to be partnering with Abu Dhabi Police in this effort to bring about safety behaviour among heavy vehicle drivers in the region”

The day long awareness campaign consisted of free vehicle safety examination on various facets including tyres, brakes, oil leakages, headlights, wipers, and so on and was conducted by technical support teams and professionals representing Abu Dhabi Police, Michelin and CM&E. These check-ups also consisted of supplying vehicle drivers with professional recommendations and safety status records of their vehicles while highlighting the significance of driving on safe tyres.

The Michelin importer in Abu Dhabi, CM&E Part of Al Fahim Group General Manager, Sami Messaoudi said, “We are pleased to be part of these efforts as we believe that tyres are very essential to vehicle safety and security. Our aim is to elevate recognition regarding tyre security, accountable driving and much safer transportation of goods and people”.

The day long inspection revealed that virtually 29% of vehicle drivers were found to be driving either on under- or over-inflated tyres. Almost 27% of the tyres examined throughout the safety and security examinations had issues ranging from irregular & uneven wear of tyre and brake jam damage which endangers lives of both the vehicle drivers and as well as other vehicles playing on the road if not addressed immediately.

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