The Lure of Speed – Maserati Levante Trofeo

By Shereen Shabnam

The new Levante Trofeo SUV,  built to the enduring principles of Maserati grand touring expresses that same power, capable of transforming from benign calm to raging storm in an instant revving up to 100kmh in just 3.9 seconds.

First Impressions

Staying true to the name Levante, which means wind that blows across the Mediterranean, changing in force from one moment to the next, the Levante Trofeo SUV delivers high-performance driving, is nippy on the highway and offers a drive experience in comfort within a cabin that features all the luxury elements Maserati is known for.

Interior look and feel

The meticulously crafted sporting interior of the Levante Trofeo offers all the comfort of a prestigious SUV and more. A carbon fibre pattern embellishes many interior details, sharpening them to emphasise the luxurious and dynamic sport SUV style. Pieno Fiore natural leather sport seats, with their dedicated design gives the Levante Trofeo cabin a refined luxury feeling.  

Exterior Design

The elegantly styled exterior body of the Levante Trofeo SUV features aluminium which is the perfect element to balance the weight of the car, and the iconic dual vents guarantee maximum aerodynamic stability.

To enhance the sporty attitude of Levante Trofeo, Maserati has merged carbon fiber elements for the front splitter, side skirts and bumper accents, with the lightness of the new aluminium bonnet. The redesigned front grid, with double vertical bars, perfectly embraces the iconic trident logo.

Under The Hood

The Ferrari engined, 582-brake-horsepower twin-turbo, V8 engine is enough to get serious petrol heads interested in the Levante Trofeo.

Driving the Levante Trofeo was a fully immersive experience.  It has a faster throttle response, quicker shifting and automatic upshifting deactivation. The MC Launch Control electronic aid assists with rapid acceleration from a standing start.

At full throttle, I felt the real power of the engine and it did not disappoint. The power and the sound is way ahead of Levante’s of the past and headed in the right direction to stay at par with its competition in the powerful luxury SUV segment.

Overall Thoughts

The power and exceptional handling of the Levante Trofeo offers a dynamic drive experience of a sporty SUV. The Levante is exclusive and the luxurious interior and exterior makes it stand out amongst other SUVs in the same segment.

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