BadGal Redefines Glamour

Aggressive and sporty look with luxury-oriented interiors

At first sight, BadGal exterior and interior striking design are evidently refined, elegant and with innovative features that makes this yacht eye-catching. It is the successful result of a team project of five different diverse designers and has all the elements that make a yacht stand out at any marina.

The yacht owner, a female music producer from the Netherlands, commissioned her boat to be as fast as possible in the range of 40 metres LOA. Hence the team opted for a planing hull, which permitted the two MTU 12V 4000CM93L engines to push the yacht to the astounding top speed of 29 knots. 

To have more space in the lower deck, the team chose a v-drive transmission configuration, reducing the engine room area. The decision to go for a planing hull may seem in contrast with the latest trend of building the majority of yachts capable to get on long range journeys at the desired cruise speed, but focus was on design being the most important unique feature and all else revolved around that.

The exterior profile view shows two amazing and huge black windows with a contour line that connects the upper to the lower one, creating a fake intake similar to a side pod of a car, with a high sheer line, running all the way from bow to stern, that helps to define the powerful attitude.

Moreover, the glass dome-shaped upper deck adds to the incredible sleek exteriors of this yacht and the sporty look is emphasised by keeping an ordinary bow shape, giving the vessel a feel for speed. 

The yacht features three decks in her interiors to accommodate her owner in the huge master’s cabin, located in the main deck, plus 8 people in 4 cabins in the lower deck, each with a private bathroom. She can also house 6 crew members in 3 crew cabins with bunk beds in the lower deck and the captain’s cabin in the upper deck.

The guests’ cabins are located in the lower deck, as well as the crew cabins, but are kept separated by a watertight bulkhead, as to avoid mixing the crew and guests flow. Inside the crew spaces, there are also 2 bathrooms and a galley, where crew members are able to live. 

The main deck layout is designed to be extremely wide and spacious, starting with the huge master’s cabin at the bow. Going aft towards the stern, a big dining area, close to the pantry, finds its space between the master’s cabin and the living area, completed by an open bar. 

Upstairs, exposed to the living area, the upper deck can be reached, where the owner’s music studio is housed, as well as the captain’s cabin and the wheelhouse. The outside spaces are wide and luxurious, too. The upper deck features, at the bow, a Jacuzzi pool with sittings all around it, meanwhile at the stern, the music studio opens to a terrace balcony, which features comfortable lounge sittings.

Atender garage has been developed in the lower deck, with a hydraulic opening hatch, where sea accessories are stored, such as jet ski and an interesting tender, whose design matches the exterior lines of the motor yacht, featuring a lifting roll-bar as to be stored inside the garage.

The stylish interiors focus the attention on the research for details and luxurious materials, like silk tissues for curtains, linings and bedsheets, mahogany wood for desks, nightstands and tables and marble for kitchen counter and bathrooms. 

Large windows make the interiors glow thanks to the chosen combination of colours, soft and warm natural wood hues arranged with shades of beige and light grey and create a positive atmosphere for the owner and the guests living and sharing moments. 

The furniture is selected carefully to match the interior choices and displays the complexity of a taste almost definable as baroque. The use of led spot lights helps the cabins to reach a cosy sensation, but also enhances the feeling of having large windows, making the space looking more spacious and brighter.

Overall, BadGirl is not just pleasing to the eye but is practical and a mariners delight that stands out on water for its mysteriousness and unique design

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