The organisers of Italy’s only 4 x 4 Festival, dedicated to four-wheel-drive vehicles, will feature women this year as a major drawcard to the event.

The Salone Nazionale Dell’Auto is being held near Pisa, on 11th-13thOctober in a specialised fair complex.

Six women motoring writers from six different countries – all jury members in Women’s World Car of the Year – will participate in the various activities over the two days of the show. This includes driving on several different paths (asphalt, sand, rough terrain) on an outdoor track and in the marble quarry site unique to the location.

In two significant firsts for Italy, the women will also host a Q & A session in the show’s Mud Café on the Saturday and have their own stand that features a Volvo XC40, the car that won the 2018 Supreme Award in Women’s World Car of the Year.

On their participation in the Italian 4 x 4 Fest some of the women journalists attending have this to say:

Marta Garcia – Spain: “That the Women’s World Car of the Year is represented in the 4x4Fest is a clear indicator of the influence women are exerting on the growth of sales of these types of vehicles. It is extraordinary that the sector has realized that without us there is no future.”

Charleen Clarke – South Africa: “It is going to be incredible to attend the one and only Italian four-wheel drive show! Women love 4x4s as much as their male counterparts; we also relish the opportunity to go pretty much anywhere in our vehicles. In fact, women gravitate toward utilitarian-type vehicles – such as 4x4s and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) – while men are more likely to be attracted to sports cars. 

“Accordingly, 4x4s are very popular among female motorists in my home country of South Africa and in other parts of the world. As such, it is apt that the Women’s World Car of the Year is participating in 4X4Fest 2019, and I am proud to represent our unique organisation at what promises to be a world-class motoring event.”

Ilaria Salzano – Italy. “It’s the first time in Italy that representatives of Women’s World Car of the Year will be at a motor show.  It means not only giving more value to the award but also highlights how the role of women in this context has completely changed. No longer are woman playing a marginal role and I thank Carrara Fiere for hosting us and spreading this message.”

Ariadni Gerasimidou – Greece.

“The event will be like paradise because I love driving 4 x 4 cars. It’s a special event that will unite women from a lot of countries which is important because we can show other women what we do as motoring journalists.  

“Besides that, I like spaghetti!

It’s a busy time for the motoring journalists.  They are currently involved in the preliminary rounds of voting to choose their car of the year for 2019, their choice for the Dream Car Award and to select a candidate for the Woman of Worth Award.

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