Volkswagen brings Start-Ups and Business Mentors together


Our region is full of young business start-ups, budding entrepreneurs and many successful global companies. Therefore, with the aim of combining innovative ideas, business insight and exciting discussions with like-minded entrepreneurs, Volkswagen Middle East partnered with the region’s largest experiential tech festival STEP X to provide a platform called ‘Meet the Mentors’ where young successful entrepreneurs exchanged advice, knowledge and business relationships.

This initiative comes in consideration of Volkswagen Middle East’s overarching strategy towards moving people forward. As a result, Volkswagen set up Mentor programmes between eight young entrepreneurs and eight experienced mentors, from Magnitt, Careem, Noon, Lamsa, Derq, Insydo, Mompreneurs, and Glowork to create the ‘Meet the Mentors’ series. The gathering gave the Mentees the opportunity to ask business focused questions and gain advice from the successful Mentors which they can take back to their own business development and communities.

These speed-coaching sessions took place in the new Volkswagen Arteon, to create a relaxing, but engaging environment for generating discussion, and as a result of the content, CNN will be showing these films across their website.

Andrew Savvas, Brand Director Volkswagen Middle Eastsaid: “At Volkswagen we are constantly seeking to attract like-minded people who aspire to stand out from the crowd, create their own path to success and work with innovative industry partners to move forward and shape our future. This campaign not only connects two people with the same mind-set together, to enable them to learn and share, but also opens the door to many others who may need similar advice to improve their businesses and personal development across the industry.”

The Meet the Mentors series focuses on eight different business themes which a lot of young entrepreneurs are facing in today’s business market: ‘The Power of Collaboration’, ‘Working with Data’, ‘How to Build Good Partner Relations’, ‘How to Build Your Brand’, ‘How to Connect’, ‘How to Sell Yourself’, ‘How to Seize Opportunities’, ‘How to Stand Out’.

The first episode will go live on Sunday June 3rd, 2018. Watch the full series unfold on CNN’s channels here:


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