2018-Chevrolet-BoltEV-007.jpgA new network of over 18 state-of-the-art charging points will be established to power the convoy of electric vehicles taking part in the 2018 Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) Middle East.

GreenParking, Global EVRT’s Official Charging Station Partner, will oversee supply and construction of the stations and other essential infrastructure along the 1,217-kilometre drive, taking place from January 18th to January 26th.
The EVRT Middle East event is being made possible through innovative collaborations with private firms such as GreenParking. Car giant, Chevrolet is providing its first electric model in the region, the Chevrolet Bolt EV for the huge road trip and the Sustainable City Dubai will host a huge family fun day to celebrate the end of the trip.
The new charging stations will be set up at key locations in the UAE and Oman, including IHG hotels: Crowne Plaza Yas Island, Crowne Plaza Sohar, Crowne Plaza Muscat, InterContinental Muscat and InterContinental Fujairah, where they will remain as a permanent fixture and expand on the current EV infrastructure to enable more people to make the switch from petrol cars.
Sam Alawiye, CEO of GreenParking said: “The Electric Vehicle Road Trip Middle East is an important step towards bringing zero emission vehicles to the forefront of the public’s attention and our extended charging station network will help to showcase these fantastic cars as sustainable and practical alternatives to petrol vehicles.
“Electric vehicles are the future of transport and they will soon be a common sight on the UAE’s roads. We are delighted to be helping to lay the foundations for a revolution in transport in the Middle East and beyond and delighted to be part of the EVRT Middle East.”
The new stations will be officially opened as the cars taking part in the EVRT Middle East reach the locations in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah as well as Sohar and Muscat in Oman.
Chevrolet, the Official Electric Vehicle Partner for the EVRT Middle East 2018, will be providing three new Chevrolet Bolt EV models to EVRT Road Trippers offering them a chance to get an exclusive desert test drive a year before it goes on sale in the region.
Gary West, Urban Active Operations Manager, GM International said: “The demand for electric vehicles is expanding globally each year, and the UAE is well positioned to be a strong market for low emission cars thanks to events such as the EVRT Middle East. At Chevrolet, we are proud to bring the Chevrolet Bolt EV to the region, which we know will form the backbone of the electric vehicle fleet.”
Setting off from Abu Dhabi on January 18th, the EVRT Middle East convoy will explore the open roads of the UAE and Oman before stopping at sites of outstanding natural beauty and important sustainable energy projects before reaching its final destination at The Sustainable City in Dubai on January 26th.

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