Fashionably French – All-New 2017 Renault Koleos

All-New 2017 Renault Koleos.jpg

After a long year of driving German and Japanese cars mainly, I recently ventured out with Arabian Automobiles Company, the exclusive dealer for Renault in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates to try out the All-New 2017 Renault Koleos.

The Koleos is the brand’s International SUV Flagship model and from the driving experience I had around three Emirates, it is well placed to capitalise on the growing global market demand for SUVs. The car features taut, powerful and muscular exterior lines, which create a sturdy and imposing vehicle with a touch of panache.

According to the brand, the concept of the new Koleos is rooted in the design pillar ‘EXPLORE’, which exudes robustness and a taste for adventure. I found the car comfortable, innovative with adequate safety features.

With its new features, improved looks and driving comfort, the Koleos marks the direction, which the Renault brand is advancing towards. The All-Mode 4×4-I technology employed refelcts an easy-to-use system on the dashboard, which offers the choice between 2WD front-wheel drive, 4WD AUTO and a third mode called 4WD LOCK, which enables the driver to select a permanent all-wheel drive.

With the addition of a 2,705 mm wheelbase, it is amongst the longest in its segment. Renault’s designers showcase a smooth and flowing line stretching from the top of the dashboard to the rear of the armrest. The interior felt like a good size for a SUV and perfect for school runs, for a bit of fun on the sand as well as city driving.

Drivers are empowered by an extensive selection of safety focused aids, all of which can be controlled via the R-LINK 2 tablet, including Active Emergency Braking System, Blind Spot Warning, rear view camera, front, rear and side parking sensors and Easy Park Assist. Strips that run from the headlights along the full length of the wings give the front end of the car, a lengthy appearance, radiating dynamism and elegance.

The entertainment offers an easy to use TR-Link 2 tablet that also controls a fully-integrated Bose audio system including 13 high-performance loudspeakers that deliver a rich, clear and balanced surround sound quality plus a navigation system. The features are similar to what I would normally find in premium cars in the SUV segment.

Overall I am glad I finally ventured towards driving French cars which made me leave the showroom with a new perception of the brand and with an urge to return and try out their other models.

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