Luxury Yachting Evo 43

Designed, engineered and built in Italy by Studio Tecnico Rivellini, EVO 43 is a 13-meter day cruiser with muscular, yet sleek and minimalist lines. Evo 43 is the first model from Evo Yachts, a company founded with passion, expertise and competence by Sea Engineering Group, which operates in pleasure boating since 2008 and has already built over 150 boats with the brands Blue Ice and Blue Martin.

Designed by naval architect Valerio Rivellini in Naples, Italy, the Evo 43’s black hull is paired with all-teak decks and a sweeping wedge-shaped windshield that combine to lend a minimalist, futuristic look. Most luxury boats never go beyond the drawing board, but Rivellini is a rare yacht designer who has seen his concept become reality.

Combining cutting-edge naval architecture with contemporary design, Rivellini’s goal was to create a boat that exudes both high style and functionality. Working with Evo Yachts’ parent company Sea Engineering Group, Rivellini paid particular attention to the design of the hull, which underwent extensive computational fluid dynamic studies and the build process to ensure a 20 percent gain in displacement compared to similar cruisers.

EVO 43 is an efficient boat, which powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 600s, reaches a top speed of 38 knots and, when cruising at 30 knots, a range of 300 nautical miles. The straight bow and high topsides flow towards the stern, while cleats and fenders disappear leaving clean lines. The straight-lined superstructure incorporates a 8mm wedge-shaped tempered glass windshield.

The helm station features a curved dashboard in lightwood with a joystick for controlling the two Volvo IPS 600 engines, rudder wheel, and all the electronics for control and command of the boat. The cockpit entirely covered in teak features an area that can be arranged through modular cube-shaped seats, as well as an extensible dining table and a large wet bar together with an induction stove, countertop, sink and refrigerator. An icebox beneath the pilot’s seat boasts a capacity of 180 liters.

The stern features the boat’s principal innovation. At the touch of a digital control, the beach area changes completely: the bulwarks open in less than thirty seconds, increasing the usable space by 40% and thus transforming the cockpit into a terrace that can be used as a lounge, sitting room, sun deck with built-in deck chairs, or diving platform.

This is a small revolution that makes the EVO 43 unique on the market: a technically complex innovation made simple with just a click thanks to the engineering work of designers. At the touch of an iPhone, the boat transforms and brings the comfort and space of much bigger boats.

Discerning clients can get a further distinctive feature: the large aft platform, built-in into the beach area that can be mechanically extended and rotated on its longitudinal axis by almost 270°, providing total flexibility. The back panel, operated by a separate crane-like mechanism, can be raised upward and tilted backward to let a guest step aboard from a dock and it can be lowered four feet into the water to allow swimmers back into the yacht easily.

In a nutshell, this modular platform is used with ease to support boarding or disembarking the boat at the dock, as a ladder for stepping back on board after a swim, or even as a diving platform with adjustable height.

The decks below use noble materials such as teak, glass, leather and exclusive fabrics to provide an atmosphere of simple yet refined contemporary luxury. A lockable door opens onto a designer companionway in tempered glass featuring large, lit-up steps. This leads to a double cabin to port side. The bathroom features a full height shower and the sink is finished in wood and ceramic.

Further ahead, there is a V-shaped dinette with a foldaway table that makes space for yet another comfortable double bed while a 42’ TV set by Bang & Olufsen, integrated in a mirror, completes the features.

For even more shape shifting, the 43’s modular seats can be rearranged in different configurations or done away with altogether for a full open deck. Plus an outdoor galley can also be hidden away into the side of the cockpit as needed by the client.

With so many options that meet the tastes of different clients and their requirements, the EVO 43 is indeed the perfect choice for buyers and yachting enthusiasts who want to experience life on water on their terms.



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