The All-New Pick-up Navara

Nissan  Pick-up Navara Shereen

After launching some great sedans not long ago, it was refreshing to get a brief from Nissan introducing the all-new Nissan pick-up Navara, which sets completely new standards for the segment in toughness, performance, styling and advanced features.

Named International Pick-up of the Year 2016 in Europe, the all-new Nissan pick-up Navara builds on Nissan’s 80-year heritage with 14 million pickups sold in over 170 countries through 12 generations. Combining toughness and modernity, it is the ideal vehicle for dual users who depend on their pick-up for professional and personal use.

In-line with Nissan’s promise of “Innovation that Excites”, the all-new pick-up Navara introduces an array of new features and in-car technology to a segment that has traditionally been slow to adopt the very latest in comfort and safety while delivering unmatched fuel efficiency and the lowest maintenance costs for its class. Many of these features set the benchmark for this segment and provide customers with more advanced levels of technology than ever seen in a pick-up.

Shereen Shabnam

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