My top 4 cars at DIFC Motor Village

Shereen Shabnam McLaren

So despite my diva infused hectic schedule from yesterday (I had to wear orange to spruce things up today), I managed to hang out at the Dubai Motor Village with my favourite brands. While I was a guest of the fabulous team from McLaren, it was great to catch up with the reps from Aston Martin who have much to my delight have spoilt me with some of the best cars recently, with DB9 being my utmost favourite….my next tryst is with a Vanquish or a Rapide (Love life when i hear the roar of a strong engine)

Shereen Shabnam vanquish

Meeting with McLaren’s Regional Director, Ian Gorsuch, years after doing a cover story on him during his Bentley days was awesome – what a small world. It was just like yesterday and now his kids are all grown up and abroad since I last met his family – time flies. He had some exciting news on the new hot orange McLaren on display about which you will read more in September when the car gets to the Middle East. Naturally diva is always scouting for an exclusive when it comes to cars.

Shereen Shabnam Cayenne

Being a Porsche chick now, despite my challenges with a Cayenne Turbo engine which will undoubtedly cost me heavily in fines, I met with the Porsche team and I have to say, I am super impressed with how much they know about where I’m from, what I like, what i dislike and what is the latest story on my blog and my car preferences (10 points to you Porsche for making my evening just perfect – i left the Motor Village with a huge grin). And I loved all the cars you had on display as well…especially the Panamera and the Cayenne.

The super car exhibition is still at the village until the 3rd of April so do visit.

Shereen shabnam audi




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